Heal The Wound

Thanks for my readers. May you have a nice day. Writing a post at 2 am is not a good idea actually.
But, I used to stay up when I have an idea to write. It's a bad habit since form1. So, when I wake up next morning I will be a zombie with a dark circle under my eyes-a big eyesbag. Hahahahahha

Being a teenager is hard enough as you need to deal with you feelings. It's just a stage of life that you will pass through. Some of them will face this period of their life with strong and faith, while the others had to handle many problems and difficulties. This depends on the societies that you live in, your parents, your siblings, your circumstance and maybe your lover. One minute you're angry, the next you're tearful and you just don't know why.

Choose to be positive in every day. Fulfil your dreams. Some people will talk negatively about you and make you feel down. You can't satisfy all people's feeling. Sometime you just need walk through them and let them talk about you. Stop wanting to please everyone. Stop showing your love to someone that doesn't deserve it. 

Cry as hard as you want to. But always make sure when you stop crying, you'll never cry for the same reason again.

It's the time you need to heal yourself. You need to remember that the pain is part of your journey. Healing is not an overnight process. Sometime after you wake up in then morning, you will feel happy again but then the wound reopen. Don't give up! Stand up to fight your inner feelings. You know what? Be yourself. Just improve your shortcomings. Believe in God.

You doesn't want to spend your life by feeling hurt by the past, rite? So give yourself chance to heal the wound. 

Lots of love,


  1. Thanks for sharing!!!! You such a good motivator =3 And wahh tak sangka kita sebaya hehe >_<
    Thank u for inserting my blog in your blog list <3 <3 <3

    1. Ur welcome Hana. Takdelah good motivator sangat. Hahahahaha



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