Hardest Goodbye

Current mood right now: SAD😭😭😭

I viewed my computer's gallery. 
Scrolling... Scrolling all over the pictures
And I started miss my friends
My school friends
Yeah, my batchmates Exuberance 1317

Sometimes I tried to ignore this feeling.
But I can't lie to myself.
I really love them.
140 people including me
To be honest,
I never thought that we will be close like now.

In Form 1,
We were divided into 5 classes
Ibn Kathir, Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Majjah, Ibn Qayyim, Ibn Sina
We used to stay in the same class until Form 3
At the moment,
We used to be 'racist kelas' among ourselves
saying that "our class is more better than another class"
and so on..

When we were in form 4..
We were separated into our new classes
From the moment.
We started to know each other..
and our bonding became stronger.
I started to talk with someone that I never talk to..
I'm very happy.

When we were in form 5,
Our last year together.
We became closer..
Our bonding became more stronger,
I stil remember our last day sahur in school.
We went to Dewan Makan by wearing baju melayu for boys and baju kurung for girls
The best thing is when there was no one in hostel except us.
Senior year is the best..

Dear Exuberance,
Thanks for 5 years that we have been through together.
Thanks for all the memories that we had shared.
Thanks being good and nice for me.
Eventhough we don't get a good achievement to make our teachers proud.
We have done our best.
Our journey is longer.
Maybe one day,
one of us will being a minister, a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer
So, I wish you good luck.
I'll pray for our next journey

Au Revoir!🙋🙋

"A great year with a great people"


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