I Could Hardly Believe My Eyes...

Aku tak pandai English..
Sumpah, essay ni memang broken.
Sorry kalau banyak giler salah grammar.

       I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the ring. The beautiful silver ring that I had found when I was clearing my room brought back a lot of memories. The unforgettable memories of my first love and maybe the last. I had grasped firmly the ring and put it to my chest. Tears started to fall down from my eyes as the memory of our first met pop out in my mind.

      Back to 5 years ago, I got straight A's in my SPM result so I decided to further my studies in London as my ambition is to become a software engineer. My parents never understand me. They kept asked me to become a doctor as that was their desire. They want me to be a success person same like my brother.

      "Son, we want you to study in India and become a doctor. This is for your own good"

      Their words kept interrupting my mind so I decided to take a walk at the beach in the evening. The sound of waves made me felt calm. While I were strolled along the white beach, I suddenly hit a charming girl.

      "I am sorry, it is my fault" said the girl.
      "I am the one who fault, sorry! Are you okay?" I said.
      "I am okay" said her.
      "My name is Ridzuan and yours?" I asked.
      "Call me Shiha" she replied.

      As I looked into her eyes, I can felt my heartbeat became harder than usual. Then, we had decided to stroll along the beach together. We got to know well about each other. I just found out that we has the same age. She wanted to further her study in a local university and took the medicine course even though she got offered to study in UK. I wanted to ask her the reasons that she wasted the good opportunity for her future but I thought that was rude as this was our first met. I had shared my problems to her.She told me to carry on my parents desired as they knew better than me. She also told me to grab the chance to do some good deeds by being a doctor. Her words had motivated me and I nodded. After an hour, we ended our conversation and I had volunteered myself to send her back to her house. We had exchanged our phone numbers and email, promising each other to keep in touch. From that day, we became close. We always hanged out together before I went to India.

      The day I had to go to India, I texted her to accompany my parents to send me at the airport. But, she replied that she could not make it as she has many assignment to be finished. I remained speechless as I felt very sad because I wanted to see her before we were apart. I continued my journey to India even though she did not came. It had been 4 years I studied in India but that was not the reason for us to be unconnected. We always kept in touch by using email and phone call. I was looking forward to went home to meet my family and Shiha. A week before I had graduated, I sent email to my parents and Shiha to informed that I will finished my studied and I will came home in next week.

      When I had arrived at the airport, I could see my parents and a figure that I used to know were waiting for me. The figure is Shiha, a girl who I missed so much. I took the opportunity to ask Shiha for a walk. She agreed. We went to the park to spend time together after we were separated apart for a long time. I shared my experience when I was in India to her. She was being a good listener to me. When I saw her in first time, I knew that I am in love. She is so perfect in my eyes at that moment. Then, we ended our conversation. That night, I thought of my mother's idea to propose her to be my wife so I called her to ask her for a walk at he beach in next week as that was the place of our first met. She promised.

      I went to the jewellery shop to buy a ring to propose her. I was hoping that she will love it. The day I was looking forward had came, I called her to remind her about her promised but she did not answered it. In the evening, I went to the beach as our promised but after two hours waiting, she did not came. I started to feel worried. I went to her house but nobody in the house. Fortunately, one of her neighbour noticed me. He told me that Shiha's family went to hospital because Shiha had to be rushed to the hospital. On  hearing the news, I sank onto my knees. I rushed to the hospital. As I arrived to her room, I saw her lying in the bed.

      My eyes became watery, obscuring my sight and tears rolled down drop by drop. I tried to keep my lips closed tight to avoid an outburst of crying, and I tried to stop shaking. I can saw clearly her family were gloomy-faced and teary-eyed. I just knew that she had suffered brain cancer for along time and now it has been stage 4 but she never told me about her illness. I approached near her bed and I have shown the ring that I bought for her. All eyes were on her. She tried to speak but no words came out. 

      "I love you" The sentence that she was trying to say. Slowly, her eyes started to misting over and we realised that she was in tears. I could no longer look into her eyes. I quickly excused myself from the room as tears were beginning to blur my vision. Her breathing was laboured, her heart was beating erratically and even stopped for extended periods of time during she went into convulsions. It was extremely painful to watch. A few minute later, I heard her family members cried and screamed. My tears were beginning to run down my cheeks as I knew Shiha was dead. I was so sad as I could not make her happy for once. It took me a few weeks before I was able to be myself again. Now I am a doctor. I put the ring in my pocket. She was the one that made me who I am today. Thank you, Shiha.


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